Marine and Protective Coatings

2022 summary

There was market recovery across our business and regions during the year. Despite a continuation of COVID-19 impact in some areas, we remained proactive in supporting the success of our customers’ projects around the world. The sustained momentum of the energy transition and the associated investment provided improved demand recovery in our Protective Coatings business. Similarly in Marine Coatings, the rebound of global sea-borne trade post-COVID-19 – together with the increased International Maritime Organization (IMO) focus on vessel efficiency improvements – supported increased activity in this market. In Yacht Coatings, customer demand for our high quality products, services and people expertise remained positive in the recreational boating and superyacht market.

We were extremely pleased to continue doing what we do best – supporting the success of our custo­mers in a sustainable way.

Simon ParkerDirector of Marine and Protective Coatings
Office room with Interpon W powder coatings (photo)

2022 highlight

Our Interzone epoxy technology continued to be the system of choice for the wind energy industry. We now protect more than 4,000 operational assets in this market, including France’s first commercial offshore project, the new St. Nazaire wind farm. Our portfolio was also expanded with the introduction of Interzone 9545 tri-cure hybrid epoxy technology. It can reduce emissions by 70% and boost offshore wind foundation coating productivity by 50% – helping to support opportunities to expand production in this important market. Meanwhile, Interzone 1000 epoxy continues to be the go-to technology and product when glass flake protection is required to align with key industry standards.

Photo: Smulders

Daniela Vlad, Director of Powder Coatings (photo)

Chartek demand continues

There was high demand throughout the year for our Chartek brand and its high-performance range of fireproofing products, which continue to be the energy industry benchmark.

B-Free Explore sets sail

We introduced B-Free Explore, the first product in a new biocide-free range designed to provide recreational boaters with solutions that have a lower impact on the environment compared with traditional fouling control products.

Launch of Interzone 954GF

Introduced Interzone 954GF for marine vessel cargo holds and other areas requiring high abrasion resistance. It offers increased protection, is suitable over hydro-blasted surfaces and delivers a 20% VOC emission saving compared with the market average product.

Silk District in Whitechapel with Interpon D Stone Effect powder coatings (photo)

Saving time and costs

Launched Micron Extra SPC onto the yacht market, which caters for the rising demand for easy-to-use hull solutions that deliver time and cost savings.

Powder Coating on car battery (photo)

Milestone for Intercept 8500LPP

Our pioneering Intercept 8500LPP antifouling reached its 60-month in-service milestone, with customers continuing to choose the ultra-performing coating for re-applications and use on new vessels.

Customer collaboration

We worked together with customers to develop knowledge and address challenges in the construction of facilities to handle sustainable fuels such as HVO and biodiesel.

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