Recycled content in packaging

One of our goals in becoming more circular is to use at least 50% recycled content in the plastic packaging used by our Decorative Paints Europe business by 2025. We’re initially focusing on this particular business as more than half of our plastic packaging is used in this area of our activities.

We’ve continuously improved our key plastic packs in recent years. By working together with our packaging suppliers, we’ve been able to achieve up to 70% recycled content in our key packs without increasing the packaging weight or reducing its performance. We’ve started to roll out this recycled content in our plastic packaging in various European markets.

In 2022, we’ll accelerate the implementation of plastic packaging containing recycled content together with our suppliers.

diversity project in Uruguay, wall mural (photo)
diversity project in Uruguay, person painting
diversity project in Uruguay, people painting

All the pieces fell perfectly into place when our Inca brand supported a project to celebrate diversity in Uruguay. Artist Ximena Fernández Castro used our products to paint a colorful puzzle mural onto a wall surrounding a children’s play area in the La Blanqueada district of Montevideo. The “Let’s Colour” project was promoted by the local municipality. A great way to use color to communicate an important message.