Our approach to sustainable business

People Planet Paint (logo)

Sustainability is part of our DNA. It’s a daily priority for all our employees and is integrated into everything we do.

Our holistic, dynamic approach ensures that we continue to make progress as the sustainability leader in our industry. To help us maintain and build on that position, we’re always innovating; always advancing and delivering fact-based results. Collaboration is also essential if we’re to achieve our ambitions, so we engage and proactively team up with stakeholders to identify opportunities and create shared value.

Our approach to sustainable business is an integral part of our commitment to People. Planet. Paint. And it’s about much more than doing business sustainably. People. Planet. Paint. touches everything we do. It’s a promise that we’ll keep innovating to address key global issues. Here’s how each element of People. Planet. Paint. is designed to contribute in its own way:

People We care about people and communities, a passion that’s reflected in our commitment to safety, integrity and sustainability.

Planet We challenge ourselves and our partners every day to be better global citizens and protect the future of our planet.

Paint We keep pushing boundaries to develop pioneering paint solutions that make a world of difference.


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Our approach to sustainable business – People (graphic)
  • 35,000 community members trained 2020-2025
  • 1,000 AkzoNobel Cares projects 2020-2025

Progress by end of 2021

  • 72 in organizational health score (vs 75 top quartile)
  • 22% female executives
  • 13,862 community members trained
  • 352 AkzoNobel Cares projects


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Our approach to sustainable business – Planet (graphic)
  • 100% renewable electricity by 2030
  • 30% energy reduction by 2030*
  • 100% of water intensive sites reusing water

Progress by end of 2021

  • 21% carbon reduction in our own operations*
  • 59% circular waste
  • 45% renewable electricity use
  • 1% energy reduction*
  • 30% of water intensive sites reusing water
* Versus 2018 baseline.


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Our approach to sustainable business – Paint (graphic)
  • 50% recycled content to be used in its plastic packaging by Deco Europe by 2025

Progress by end of 2021

  • 39% of revenue from sustainable solutions

Sustainability key drivers

The sustainability benefits we bring to our own operations and our customers are grouped into six drivers.

Sustainability Key Drivers – People and communities (icon)

People and communities

Sustainability Key Drivers – Health and well-being (icon)

Health and well-being

Sustainability Key Drivers – Reduced carbon and energy (icon)

Reduced carbon and energy

Sustainability Key Drivers – Less waste (icon)

Less waste

Sustainability Key Drivers – Reduce, reuse and renew (icon)

Reduce, reuse and renew

Sustainability Key Drivers – Longer-lasting performance (icon)

Longer-lasting performance

United Nations SDGs

Our approach to sustainability is designed to contribute to the global agenda represented by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We continue to focus on those SDGs where we can have the biggest impact.

SDG 03 – Good health and well-being (icon) SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities (icon) SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production (icon) SDG 13 – Climate action (icon) SDG 17 – Partnerships for the goals (icon)

People. Planet. Paint. also enables us to make the most of our unique position. We’re ideally placed to use our pioneering spirit and centuries of paints and coatings expertise to make a real difference. We can deliver the sustainable and innovative solutions that our customers, communities – and the planet – are increasingly relying on. We have the courage and the belief. That’s why we’ve set ourselves science-based carbon reduction targets, in line with the 1.5˚C pathway laid out by the Paris Agreement. So there’s a deeper, wider meaning to People. Planet. Paint. It’s at the center of what we stand for as a company.

We’ve maintained our sustainability leadership in the paints and coatings industry, based on the recognition we received from various external ESG rating agencies during the course of 2021 (see latest ratings below). Our position is further strengthened by our sustainability ambitions, which underline our commitment to being a truly sustainable company.

ESG rating agency – Key achievement


We’re considered as a “Low risk” company.


We’ve received the highest possible rating for six consecutive years (AAA).


We’ve maintained our score at well above the industry average, placing us in the top 3% for more than ten years.


We’ve been awarded the highest possible rating, Platinum, placing us in the top 1% of more than 65,000 rated companies.

Moody's ESG Solutions

In the latest review, our ESG performance was considered Advanced, positioning AkzoNobel in first place in the chemical industry.

More information about the ratings we’ve received from various external ESG rating agencies can be found on our website.