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Our approach to sustainable business

Sustainability is one of our core values and is integrated in everything we do. We strive to lead our industry by pioneering a world of possibilities to empower people and reduce our impact on the planet, while consistently innovating to deliver the most sustainable solutions for our customers. That’s why we call our approach to sustainable business “People. Planet. Paint.” People: We act with integrity and respect human rights across our operations and value chain, embracing diversity and inclusion, to transform the communities in which we operate. Planet: We minimize our environmental footprint, reducing carbon emissions and moving towards zero waste by [...]

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Sustainability Council The Executive Committee has established a Sustainability Council to advise on sustainability developments. The council monitors the integration of sustainability into management processes and oversees the company’s sustainability targets and sustainability performance. The council, which meets quarterly, consists of representative business and functional directors, as well as the CEO. Significant sustainability aspects material to the company are reviewed annually, with input from internal and external stakeholders. The Sustainability Council focuses on topics with the biggest impact on accelerating AkzoNobel’s strategy to create shared [...]

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Board of Management and Executive Committee

[...] and control, manages the realization of the company’s operational and financial targets, its sustainability performance and its pursuit of long-term value creation. In fulfilling their duties, Board of Management members are assisted by the Executive Committee and guided by the interests of the company and its affiliated enterprises, taking into consideration the relevant interests of the company’s stakeholders. The Board of Management and Executive Committee promote openness and engagement through a SpeakUp! grievance mechanism and have established a Code of Conduct, policies, rules and procedures incorporated in the company’s Policy framework, in order to [...]

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We aim to grow our sustainable solutions from around 40% of our revenue in 2020 to over 50% by 2030. Our sustainable solutions are comprised of products that bring sustainable benefits to our customers. Eco-premium solutions make up a significant part of our sustainable solutions. They are considered significantly better in one or more of our sustainability criteria and provide the same or better functionality than the mainstream product in the market. In 2020, we managed to exceed our target of 20% of revenue from this category (2020: 21%). As a member of the World Green Building Council, we fully support the ongoing transformation of the built environment, which [...]

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