Our Board of Management and Executive Committee

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From left to right:
David Prinselaar, Joëlle Boxus, Thierry Vanlancker, Isabelle Deschamps, Maarten de Vries

Thierry Vanlancker, CEO and Chairman (photo)

Thierry Vanlancker

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Management and Executive Committee

(1964, Belgian)

Thierry joined AkzoNobel in 2016, bringing more than 28 years of experience in the chemicals industry. He led operations in polymers, performance coatings and chemicals at DuPont and was President of Fluoroproducts at Chemours. He’s also a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Sika AG and in May 2020 joined the Board of Directors of Aliaxis S.A./N.V. as a non-executive director.

Maarten de Vries, CFO (photo)

Maarten de Vries

CFO and member of the Board of Management and Executive Committee

(1962, Dutch)

Maarten joined AkzoNobel in 2018. He spent the previous three years as CFO at Intertrust Group and TNT Express. He was a member of the Management Board of Intertrust Group and the Executive Board of TNT Express.

Joëlle Boxus, Chief Human Resources Officer (photo)

Joëlle Boxus

Chief Human Resources Officer and member of the Executive Committee

(1971, Belgian)

Joëlle rejoined AkzoNobel as Chief Human Resources Officer in 2020. She had previously been global HR leader for AkzoNobel’s former Specialty Chemicals business. Joëlle managed the separation of Specialty Chemicals before becoming part of the Executive Committee of the newly established company. In 2018, she returned to Belgium to become Chief Human Resources Officer at Etex before rejoining AkzoNobel.

Isabelle Deschamps, General Counsel (photo)

Isabelle Deschamps

General Counsel and member of the Executive Committee

(1970, Canadian and British)

Isabelle joined AkzoNobel in 2018. Before joining the company, she was responsible for legal and compliance at Unilever’s European businesses and its global Food and Refreshment division. She previously held various other positions at Unilever and Nestlé. Isabelle is admitted to the England and Wales Law Society and to the Quebec (Canada) Bar.

David Prinselaar, Chief Supply Chain Officer (photo)

David Prinselaar

Chief Supply Chain Officer and Member of the Executive Committee

(1974, French)

David joined AkzoNobel in 2015 from Reckitt Benckiser, taking responsibility for the Performance Coatings operations and then manufacturing for AkzoNobel as a whole from January 2018. In March 2019, David took over the role of Chief Supply Chain Officer and became a member of the Executive Committee.

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