Collaboration fuels our robotic revolution

When it comes to paint application, we’re waking up to the dawn of the robots. There’s been a surge in startups and scale-ups interested in deploying robotics to improve how coatings are currently applied.

Paint the Future (graphic)

In 2020, we strengthened our strategic partnerships with Les Companions, Apellix and Qlayers. These startup collaborations are not only cool, but also represent leaps in efficiency, data-driven quality, worker safety and sustainability.

We first established a connection with Qlayers when they submitted a winning solution to our Paint the Future 2019 global startup challenge in the “Smart application” category – a focus area which reflects our belief in syncing our innovative products with innovative ways to apply them.

Qlayers’ fully automated coating processes will help our customers coat large industrial surfaces in any weather, without overspray. We’re now supporting the development of robust solutions for storage tanks and wind turbine blades. The customers we’ve already introduced to Qlayers are really excited for what’s ahead.

Machinery with tubes (photo)
Machinery (photo)
Sky and bright yellow part of a building (photo)

These collaborations are just a few examples of what we call “going beyond imagination and generations”. We see working together on new solutions as a way to push the boundaries of our industry faster and further towards a more sustainable future.

SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production (icon)SDG 17 – Partnerships for the goals (icon)

Aligned with SDG 12 and 17 (see the Our approach to sustainable business section).