Remuneration report

This report describes our Remuneration Policy and how it was implemented for members of the Board of Management in 2018.

Cava Erizo in Argentina – wooden interior (photo)

Our Cetol brand was used to coat the stunning Cava Erizo in Argentina. The product helps to protect the wooden interior and gives a soft, natural finish. The venue has various uses, such as storing wine and providing entertainment and workshop space.

The Supervisory Board determines the remuneration and individual service agreement terms for the Board of Management. The Remuneration Committee, comprising members of the Supervisory Board, has delegated authority to make these decisions within the framework of our Remuneration Policy, which is approved by our shareholders. Our Remuneration Policy – including all structures and policies related to the remuneration and contract terms of the Board of Management – references the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.