Policies and controls

Our and explain our three core principles of safety, integrity and sustainability to our employees and business partners and outline what we expect from them. These codes, and our SpeakUp! procedure, are available in 32 languages. They are also supplemented by internal rules and procedures – which are available to employees in our Directives Portal – and by agreements with our business partners. For example, the section on Honest Business Conduct refers to the Directives and Rules on Anti-Bribery, Gifts and Entertainment, which also contains detailed rules on facilitation payments, political contributions, charitable donations and sponsorships. Employees are required to confirm compliance as part of the annual performance evaluation, while all business partners are required to sign our Business Partner Code of Conduct, or show that they apply similar business principles.

In 2018, we updated our Binding Corporate Rules on the protection of personal data to meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. With these Binding Corporate Rules, we apply the same high privacy standards across all our operations worldwide.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines our core principles and how we work. It incorporates fundamental principles on issues such as business integrity, labor relations, human rights, health, safety, environment and security and community involvement.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

Explains what we stand for as a company, what we value and how we run our business. It brings our core principles of safety, integrity and sustainability to life and shows what they mean in practice.