Raising the bar worldwide

At AkzoNobel, we share the simple, deeply rooted belief that doing the right thing is a moral imperative – and can also be good for our business. That’s why we operate from a foundation of core principles: sustainability, safety and integrity, including respect for human rights.

Integrity – nine portraits (photo)

As an employer, manufacturer, business partner and member of communities globally, we understand that we have many significant roles to play in society. It’s a big responsibility, and an even bigger opportunity to make the world a better place.

“Our focus on human rights in particular helps us to be a good corporate citizen,” explains Siham Lotfi, our Global Head of Human Rights. “Being the reference in our industry doesn’t just apply to our products and services. It also means being a leader in terms of respecting human rights when doing business – as well as meeting growing customer expectations on the issue.”

Siham adds that in some cases, large international companies can have an even bigger impact on human rights than people may realize. “Our high standards on human rights can cross borders, and we can also influence partners to follow in our footsteps,” she continues.

AkzoNobel is committed to having human rights respected across the entire value chain. Efforts are championed by senior leadership, with our Executive Committee directly overseeing the work of a dedicated Human Rights Committee.

“We want to lead our industry in all relevant areas, including sustainability and integrity,” notes Siham. “That means we must respect human rights when doing business.”

For more details on our approach to human rights, see Note 8 of the Sustainability statements.