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Note 8: Employees

AkzoNobel’s sustainability agenda is integral to our employee value proposition. By focusing on the success and sustainability of the business, we attract, retain and motivate our employees. Sustainability is our core principle, defining who we are and what we stand for. Productivity and ROI of human capital 2015 2016 2017 Human capital ROI ratio 1.58 1.57 1.49 Return on human capital investment (%) 54 56 53 The company’s Integrated Talent Management programs are a vital investment in our human capital – the skills and knowledge of employees – to ensure that we are equipped to drive the company’s growth and profitability. Workforce planning Workforce [...]

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Note 2: Scope of consolidation

[...] and Other included in discontinued operations mainly consist of: Employee benefit expenses related to employees who were identified to be employees of the Specialty Chemicals business starting in 2018 as part of the legal reorganization. Information management costs such as application services or infrastructure costs that relate directly to the Specialty Chemicals business. Other contract costs that relate directly to the Specialty chemicals business. The assets and liabilities held for sale include the assets and liabilities previously reported as part of Specialty Chemicals combined with assets and liabilities of Corporate and Other that have directly been [...]

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Note 16: Post-retirement benefit provisions

[...] operations. The benefits of these pension plans are based primarily on years of service and employees’ compensation. The funding policy for the plans is consistent with local requirements in the countries of establishment. We also provide certain healthcare and life insurance benefits to retired employees, mainly in the US, where plans will be split into continuing and discontinued operations, and in the Netherlands, where the plan remains in continued operations. Valuations of the obligations under the plans are carried out regularly by independent qualified actuaries. We accrue for the expected costs of providing such post-retirement benefits during the service [...]

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Note 9: Safety

[...] in delivering on each of these priorities, once again reducing the number of injuries suffered by employees and contractors, and ranking best-in-class for health and safety in the Chemicals industry on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In 2017, AkzoNobel received the Responsible Care® Award from the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers in China. People safety The number of reportable injuries reduced by 27% compared with 2016, while the injury rate is now at the target level set for 2020 (0.20). Lost time injuries and contractor injuries also continued to reduce. Employee total reportable injuries injury rate The total reportable rate (TRR) is the [...]

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Communication and education

Our core principles and rules are communicated to employees in several ways, including a comprehensive digital training program, classroom training and compliance communications. Communication and training programs serve two purposes – to educate employees on the rules that apply to their role, and to inspire them to apply high ethical standards in the choices they make. Digital training The Code of Conduct and Life-Saving Rules digital trainings are mandatory for every employee. Competition law, export control and sanctions, fraud, anti-bribery, information security and privacy digital trainings are mandatory for employees defined on the basis of their role. [...]

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Area 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Ambition 2020 ** 2017 engagement data covers August – December and was gathered for the first time through regular Pulse surveys instead of a simple annual survey. 6 Definition change 2016. 7 Phase 2 started in 2016. Employees Employee numbers (FTE) number 49,600 47,200 45,600 46,000 45,400 – Employee engagement score 0-5 scale 3.88 3.97 4.03 4.17 3.95** >4.20 Female executives % 16 17 19 19 19 25 Female executive potential pool % 28 24 25 30 28 30 Executive vacancies filled internally % 75 68 58 61 74 70 High potential turnover % – – 6 4 5 <5 Community Program investment € millions 1.0 1.0 1.0 0.8 0.3 – People, [...]

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How we created value in 2017

By bringing more value to our customers, investors, employees and society in general, we can better position ourselves for growth while accelerating profitability. Economic value Environmental value* Social value* Financial overview Revenue up 2% (up 4% excluding currency impact), mainly due to volume growth and acquisitions, partly offset by unfavorable currency and price/mix effects. Volumes 2% higher; up 7% for Decorative Paints, down 1% for Performance Coatings due to adverse conditions in the marine, and oil and gas industries. EBIT at €905 million (2016: €928 million), due to higher raw material costs, partly offset by increased selling prices, continuous [...]

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Regional statistics

[...] 27 23 Average invested capital 1,175 1,631 2,154 1,497 1,528 1,739 1,778 1,949 1,037 864 Number of employees2 5,300 5,000 4,900 2,600 2,500 5,000 4,800 4,600 3,000 2,900 Germany Latin America Revenue by destination 1,176 986 1,036 399 460 1,553 1,485 1,483 850 900 Revenue by origin 1,143 920 903 470 598 1,282 1,252 1,210 791 840 Capital expenditures 87 106 52 12 10 83 45 34 20 23 Average invested capital 736 764 854 468 662 713 707 679 378 391 Number of employees2 3,100 2,300 2,100 1,400 1,500 4,500 4,400 4,100 3,100 2,900 Sweden China Revenue by destination 473 436 414 164 162 1,643 1,730 1,828 1,435 1,494 Revenue by origin 1,411 1,289 1,329 389 408 1,690 1,814 [...]

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Note 10: Human rights

[...] government, industry associations, investors, NGOs and peer companies – Numerous randomly selected employees from different roles, seniority levels, regions, businesses and departments were asked to share their views on what they view as potential impacts on human rights by AkzoNobel, or by others across our value chain – Two human rights workshops were held with colleagues in China and India to identify potential impacts on human rights at regional level Supply chains We conducted due diligence research into several raw material supply chains that are considered high risk in terms of impacting human rights, particularly with regard to health and safety, [...]

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Note 1: Summary of significant accounting policies

[...] also provides information on cash flow and net debt, capital expenditures, innovation activities and employees. On March 7, 2018, the Board of Management authorized the financial statements for issue. The financial statements as presented in this report are subject to adoption by the Annual General Meeting of shareholders. Consolidation The Consolidated financial statements include the accounts of Akzo Nobel N.V. and its subsidiaries. Subsidiaries are companies over which Akzo Nobel N.V. has control, because it is exposed, or has rights, to variable returns from its involvement with the subsidiary and has the ability to affect returns through its power over the [...]

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