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Consolidated Sustainability statements

[...] 33 2 100 2 Cumulative Community Program involvement (number of projects) 17 2,108 2,260 2,385 2,531 – Planet Possible In order to secure our own business success – and that of our customers – we have to create more value from fewer resources. To help us achieve this, we have adopted an agenda called Planet Possible, which is our commitment to doing more with less. We believe the planet can support nine billion people by 2050, but only if we take the right approach and understand the changes that will be needed. So we’re looking to engage with partners across the entire value chain, as well as specialist partners who believe in our agenda and have the same [...]

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– Social value creation

[...] addition, a number of functional-specific programs started to roll out in 2016. We continued to use our Planet Possible sustainability agenda to stimulate employee engagement. Communication to employees at all levels took place, including a global campaign to take action. The Business Areas also have their own programs. For example, our Decorative Paints business is engaging employees on the strategic priority of moving the market to water-based products through the use of videos, newsletters and starting employee product trial sessions. Employees are also actively involved at their work locations through their everyday work and community activities around the [...]

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Note 1: Managing our sustainability agenda

[...] resource efficiency and circular economy. We express our sustainability agenda through a concept known as Planet Possible, which highlights our commitment to creating more value from fewer resources across the value chain. Planet Possible encompasses all our programs to make our products and operations more sustainable. As well as driving our own success, putting sustainability at the heart of everything we do means that our customers and employees – not to mention our planet – will also benefit. For more details, see the Strategic performance section of this Report 2016. The societal aspects of our sustainability agenda are being strengthened through the [...]

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Strategic focus areas

[...] Sustainability World Index for the 11th year in a row (five of which saw us ranked as sector leader). Our Planet Possible 2020 sustainability agenda is also being updated with a view to 2025. This agenda is based on three main pillars (more details can be found in the Sustainability statements): Sustainable business We work with value chain partners and customers to grow our business, based on innovative solutions that create more value from fewer resources. We focus in particular on developing and marketing eco-premium solutions – products and services that deliver environmental or social benefits for our customers when compared with competitive products. Our [...]

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Note 6: Customer engagement

[...] innovation programs involving academic partners and government institutes. We are continuing to integrate Planet Possible conversations with customers into our sales and marketing learning and development curricula. Within our Decorative Paints business, the Planet Possible marketing toolkit for both professional and consumer brands is actively used. In Specialty Chemicals, a dedicated sustainability training module has been introduced and 80 percent of front line sales employees have been exposed to this. Engagement starts with better understanding, so gathering information about customers and consumers is central to our business processes. Customer information [...]

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[...] and clear benefit claims. Our brands are fully in line with, and actively promote, the company’s Planet Possible sustainability agenda. We also leverage our scale by aligning our “Let’s Colour” programs with the company’s Human Cities initiative. Sustainability We are recognized around the world for our commitment to sustainability, which is a key driver in all our plans to win locally as part of the overall AkzoNobel Planet Possible agenda. We are continuing to drive this in our product portfolio through three key areas: Low impact – products with lower environmental impact More durable – products that last longer and need repainting less frequently [...]

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Note 3: Stakeholder engagement

Our approach The aim of our ongoing stakeholder engagement is to learn from key economic, environmental and social stakeholder groups and, in collaboration, to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our Planet Possible agenda is not only designed to help drive innovation and enable us to become radically resource efficient, it’s also intended to inspire employees, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders to work together with us in achieving this. Reaching out to all our stakeholders in ongoing conversations is vital to achieving our goals and to further developing our long-term vision and [...]

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Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, countries around the world adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Devised by the United Nations, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out a comprehensive list of targets to be achieved by 2030, covering all three dimensions – economic, environmental and social – of sustainable development. Although they are primarily aimed at governments, the SDGs also call on businesses to apply their creativity and innovation to help solve sustainable development challenges. An advantage for companies putting the SDGs at the heart of what they do is they can [...]

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How we created value in 2016

[...] which we measure through our development of eco-premium solutions. They are a fundamental driver of our Planet Possible agenda for creating more value from fewer resources, of the products we sell and the processes we use to manufacture them. For more details, see Note 4 of the Sustainability statements. Eco-premium solutions with customer benefits in % of revenue Dividend Our dividend policy is to pay a stable to rising dividend. We will propose a 2016 final dividend of €1.28 per share, which would make a total 2016 dividend of €1.65 (2015: €1.55) per share, up 6.5 percent. There will be a stock dividend option with cash dividend as default. Dividend in € [...]

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– Environmental value creation

[...] by available science-based target methodologies. We will use these methodologies as input for our Planet Possible 2025 strategy update. Avoided emissions In addition to minimizing our negative impact in the environmental dimension, we also set out to scale up our positive impact – such as developing solutions that help customers avoid carbon emissions. One example is the Intersleek 1000SR, biocide-free fouling control coating we launched in 2013. The product reduces drag on vessels, resulting in up to 10 percent lower emissions and fuel consumption, leading to subsequent cost savings for our customers. Based on the total number of commercial vessels using [...]

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