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Our strategy

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Strategic focus areas Processes and capabilities Actions End-user segments Core principles and values

Core principles and values

Our core principles and values define the culture and behaviors that we are committed to embedding throughout AkzoNobel.

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Strategic focus areas

As part of the corporate strategy development process we carried out in 2012, we identified five key focus areas. The following is a brief description of accomplishments in 2014, along with plans for 2015 and beyond for each of the five areas.

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Processes and capabilities

In 2014, we made substantial progress in codifying our company-wide core processes by developing supporting toolkits and including our processes in our corporate directives to ensure appropriate governance.

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To address our strategic focus areas and deliver on our vision and targets, we have identified a set of high level actions that we are pursuing throughout the company. These are: Deliver dependably, Grow organically, Innovate, Simplify, Standardize and Continuously improve.

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End-user segments

We will only achieve our vision if our actions and processes to address our strategic focus areas are delivered successfully to the markets via our end-user segments. Analysis of the trends in our four end-user segments is therefore a fundamental driver for all that we do.

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