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In this section we introduce our Board of Management and Executive Committee, as well as our Supervisory Board. We also present the Report of the Supervisory Board and provide detailed overviews of their activities during 2014. Our Board and Executive Committee CEO statement Statement of the Board of Management Our Supervisory Board Supervisory Board Chairman’s statement Report of the Supervisory Board

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Note 12: Our people

[...] from high growth markets to 16 percent (2013: 14 percent). We also re-introduced a Women in Leadership training program for our female high potential employees to address some of the barriers that women face in moving to senior leadership roles. We saw the number of female executives increase to 17 percent in 2014 (2013: 16 percent). Female executives in % High growth market executives in % The right people We are working hard to put in place the right talent management and resourcing processes across the company. This helps us to recruit, retain and develop the people we need to create winning teams. We’re starting to manage talent in a more active way to ensure [...]

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Employees and community

Key performance indicators – employees 2011 2012 2013 2014 Target 2015 * The definition of potentials changed in 2014 to better reflect our talent pool. ** In line with the new definition of potentials, the definition of leadership talent also changed in 2014 to better reflect our talent pool. People data Employees at year-end (FTE) 57,240 55,272 49,561 47,207 – Employee engagement Employee engagement (ViewPoint score (1-5 scale)) 3.74 3.80 3.88 3.97 >4.00 Diversity and inclusion % of females in total workforce 24 24 24 24 – % of employees from high growth markets 40 40 47 48 – % of female executives 13 15 16 17 20 % of executives from high growth [...]

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[...] driving operational excellence and controlling costs. Examples are: In Protective Coatings, we have a leadership position based on strong technologies, brands and reputation. We will continue to invest in generating higher levels of growth. We will also expand our market presence in high growth regions based on appropriate value propositions, such as second tier ranges, to compete in the domestic marketplace In the high growth information technology sector of our Specialty Finishes business, we are investing to support key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to grow our positions In Coil Coatings, we have a strong [...]

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Strategic focus areas

As part of the corporate strategy development process we carried out in 2012, we identified five key focus areas. The following is a brief description of accomplishments in 2014, along with plans for 2015 and beyond for each of the five areas. Care for the customer AkzoNobel holds many market leadership positions. In order to maintain these positions, we have identified organic growth as one of our priorities. In 2014, we made some progress in terms of organic growth, with volume growth of 1 percent for the company as a whole. However, there is still considerable room for improvement. The starting point for organic growth is care for our customers. It begins with a [...]

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[...] received refresher training in the company’s expectations and the required competencies for safety leadership. A single system for HSE performance reporting has been in place for several years and a new single system for reporting incidents and analyzing incident trends is now fully operational. During 2014, management focus and employee engagement at every level delivered a further reduction of more than 25 percent in the number of injuries. Particular contributions to meeting our milestones came from the risk-based approaches of our behavior-based safety program, and the additional focus and support provided to sites that are furthest behind in terms of safety [...]

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Note 2: Reporting principles

[...] statements Note 12 8 Talent management High Insight on policies and procedures Cross-BU moves of leadership talents, Internal promotion into executive level, Retention of leadership talent, ViewPoint score on learning and growth, Female executives, Female executive potentials, High growth market executives, High growth market executive potentials Report 2014: How we create value, Strategic performance, Business performance, Sustainability statements Note 12 10 Sustainability in the supply chain Medium Supplier sustainability framework programs, Human rights commitment program Third party audits, Supplier Support Visits, Vendor Policy compliance, Social supply chain [...]

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Note 14: Community

[...] The Community Program also provides opportunities for employees to develop team-building and leadership skills. In training programs, as well as international conferences, community activities are increasingly incorporated to increase the participants’ awareness of local social circumstances. These experiences are recognized to improve their leadership skills and team spirit, as well as employee engagement. During 2014, 152 new projects were initiated. A closer cooperation took place between various businesses as well as locations. For example, in Brazil, employees from Pulp and Performance Chemicals in Jundiaí united with their colleagues in Itupeva, as well as [...]

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Key sustainability indices

In 2014, AkzoNobel was ranked number one in the Materials industry group of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) for the third consecutive year. The company was maintained in the Euronext Vigeo – World 120 index. This index distinguishes companies achieving the most advanced environmental, social and governance performances and is reviewed every six months in June and December. We retained the leadership of the Sustainalytics chemicals industry ranking. We were also once again represented in the Carbon Disclosure Project, which represents more than 767 institutional investors, with over $92 trillion in assets under management, and qualified for [...]

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Report of the Supervisory Board

[...] The Supervisory Board considers it of key importance that the company maintains and strengthens this leadership position. The Supervisory Board therefore supports the 2020 sustainability strategy and the Planet Possible concept, a next level approach to sustainability which is fully focused on creating more value from fewer resources and achievement of long-term sustainable business by continuing to live by our values. In 2014, the outcome of enterprise risk management sessions were presented to the Supervisory Board for the purpose of identifying corrective actions to continue to address the top ten risks. Further details are included in the Risk management [...]

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