Performance Coatings value creation summary 2014

Our Performance Coatings businesses are focused on all four of our end-user segments. Supplying high performance products and cutting-edge technologies primarily to business-to-business customers, we are increasingly incorporating low energy processes and working to reduce our carbon footprint across the value chain. Innovation is also key to our product development, which is often highly technical in order to meet strict customer specifications.

Particular emphasis is placed on supplying products that offer environmental and social benefits for our customers. These initiatives will help us to create economic, social and environmental value. Social value is also increased by our continued focus on safety, as well as our talent development programs and our contribution to various community activities.

All these initiatives will contribute to our financial performance and ultimately lead to more economic value for our investors.

  • Economic value
  • Environmental value
  • Social value


Revenue breakdown by business unit in %

Performance Coatings – Revenue breakdown by business unit, in % (pie chart)

Revenue breakdown by end-user segment in %

Performance Coatings – Revenue breakdown by end-user segment, in % (pie chart)

Revenue development in % versus 2013

Performance Coatings – Revenue development, in % versus 2013 (bar chart)Performance Coatings – Revenue development, in % versus 2013 (bar chart)


9.8% ROS

22.0% ROI


of revenue from eco-premium solutions

RD&I investments have resulted in 15 percent of revenue derived from eco-premium solutions with customer benefits

Eco-premium solutions with customer benefits
% of revenue

Performance Coatings – Eco-premium solutions with customer benefits, % of revenue (bar chart)


4.6 million tons

upstream CO2(e) emissions

4,600 TJ

energy use

We continue to improve efficiency by reducing our energy use per ton of production, and are working towards improving our share of renewable energy. We continue to improve the environmental footprint of our operations by focusing on operational eco-efficiency

0.3 million tons

CO2(e) emissions own operations

55 kilotons

total waste


8.7 million tons

downstream CO2(e) emissions

13.6 million tons

CO2(e) emissions cradle-to-grave


increase CO2(e) per ton of sales from 2012 cradle-to-grave carbon footprint


Employee safety is a key priority and we are actively driving towards a reduction in the number of incidents

Total reportable rate of injuries
per million hours

Performance Coatings – Total reportable rate of injuries, per million hours (bar chart)


€1.2 billion

employee benefits


employee engagement score

We highly value, and actively work on improving, employee engagement. We’re investing in training and development and continue to work on a more diverse workforce


employees at year-end 2014

We participate in community programs and local sponsorships