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End-user segments

We are convinced that by prioritizing activities in our strategic focus areas, implementing our core processes and taking defined operational effectiveness actions based on our new values and behaviors, our internal approach will support delivery on our vision and targets. However, we will only achieve our vision if our internal approach is delivered successfully to the markets via our end-user segments. To ensure that our action plans are appropriate for our end-user segments, we have initiated a disciplined ongoing approach to evaluating the outlook for our end-user segments and sub-segments based on external research and analysis. Profiles of the trends for [...]

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End-user segments

Buildings and Infrastructure We supply a wide variety of products to build, decorate, protect, maintain and renovate building interiors and exteriors. Various products are also used for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, such as airports, bridges and roads. We divide our global Buildings and Infrastructure activities into three specific sub-segments: New build projects Residential Commercial Infrastructure Maintenance, renovation and repair Residential Commercial Infrastructure Building products and components Windows Doors Joinery Flooring Roofing and siding Structural components Transportation We supply products that are widely used in the [...]

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Market overview

End-user segment strategy context Performance coatings make up slightly more than half of the world market for paints and coatings. They are used in all four of our end-user segments, Buildings and Infrastructure, Transportation, Consumer Goods and Industrial. Most end-user segments have shown some recovery from the recession of 2008 to 2009, and their overall outlook is cautiously positive. However, there are two main areas of uncertainty. Firstly, although there is growing consensus that we are now reaching the bottom of the cycle in marine new building, the upturn has not yet occurred. Secondly, concerns remain about Buildings and Infrastructure and related [...]

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Market overview

End-user segment strategy context We supply specialty chemicals to all four of our end-user segments, based largely (80 percent of our revenues) on five main value chain platforms. These platforms are: salt/chlorine, surfactants, ethylene oxide, bleaching chemicals and organic peroxides. The outlook for the end-user segment relevant for our value chain platforms is described as follows. Industrial Accounting for nearly 60 percent of revenues, the Industrial end-user segment is by far the largest for our Specialty Chemicals Business Area. All five of our platforms supply this end-user segment, with our main revenue streams coming from: Sales from our surfactant and [...]

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Strategic focus areas

We have identified five areas that we will focus on in terms of strategy development across the company. The following provides a brief description of what we have been doing and what we plan to do in each of them. Care for the customer The starting point for market success has to be care for our customers. This incorporates understanding both the trends in the end-user segments that we serve and those in the needs-based customer segments, as well as developing appropriate product and service value propositions to serve these segments. All of this will help to ensure that we are able to develop and/or maintain our leading market positions. However, if we are to [...]

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Supervisory Board Chairman's statement

[...] conditions persisted throughout 2013 and I do not expect an early improvement in the trends facing our end-user market segments. I am convinced, however, that our CEO Ton Büchner, together with his dedicated team, will be able to drive AkzoNobel through these difficult economic circumstances. The acceleration of the performance improvement program and the strategy announced in February 2013 are clearly the right focus for the company to have. With the additions of Conrad Keijzer, Ruud Joosten and Marten Booisma to the Executive Committee, we have a committed and enthusiastic team with excellent strategic knowledge and operational skills which will be of great [...]

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Market overview

End-user segment strategy context Decorative paints makes up just under half of the world market for paints and coatings. All revenue generated by the decorative paints industry stems from the Buildings and Infrastructure end-user segment. This segment was hit hard by the recent recession and still hasn’t fully recovered globally. Buildings and Infrastructure Decorative paints are primarily used in two sub-segments within Buildings and Infrastructure – Maintenance, renovation and repair and New build projects. We estimate that a substantial part of our revenue (around 75 percent) is derived from the former, rather than the latter. Maintenance, renovation and [...]

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Value chain

[...] emissions across the value chain Value for society through the positive impact of our products in our end-user segments Value for our business by focusing on our end-user segments – delivering growth and profitability Key performance indicators – value chain Ambition Target Target 2010 2011 2012 2013 2013 2015 2020 1 2010-2012 restated due to KVC review. 2 Product related (raw materials and packaging). 3 Non-product related. Carbon footprint Carbon footprint cradle-to-grave per ton of product (% reduction from 2012) – – 0 2 – – 25-30 Carbon footprint cradle-to-gate per ton of product (% reduction from 2009)1 1 3 1 4 5 10 – Carbon footprint own [...]

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This section provides an overview of our strategic priorities and gives details of the targets to which we aspire. You will also find the Chairman’s statement and learn about how we manage operational risks. Chairman’s statement Our businesses End-user segments Strategy and targets Risk management

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This end-user segment covers parts, assembly and maintenance of all forms of transport. At 16 percent of our revenue, this is one of the two smaller segments for AkzoNobel. Our coatings are vital for both protection and aesthetics in vehicles and our chemicals are used in processes that make components. Trends New build markets in this segment are quite cyclical, with substantial drops in demand during an economic downturn. The timing of the downturn can differ, however. Car production was already recovering from the recent economic crisis in 2010 and has been on a reasonable growth path since then. We expect this pattern to continue going forward, with growth [...]

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