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Our ambitions and strategy

As a starting point for defining our strategic agenda, we initiated a company-wide analysis of the outlook for the end-user segments that we serve. This is something that we will continue to do on a regular basis in order to assess the outlook for our businesses. Specifically, we will be incorporating end-user segment analysis into our strategy, budgeting and operational review processes going forward.

We sell products and services into four main end-user segments – Buildings and Infrastructure, Transportation, Consumer Goods and Industrial. A brief profile of each of these segments, including their sub-segments, is provided over the following pages. The outlook for these end-user segments going forward varies, but in general the economic outlook has become more negative over the past couple of years. Particular areas of concern are Western Europe from a geographic perspective and the Buildings and Infrastructure segment from an end-user perspective. While we continue to expect growth in high growth markets, going forward, growth rates are expected to be limited to single digit figures.

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