Our strategic ambitions are as follows:

Achieve return on sales (operating income/revenue) of 9.0 percent by 2015

Achieve return on investment (operating income/average 12 months invested capital) of 14.0 percent by 2015

Maintain net debt/EBITDA lower than 2.0 by 2015

Increase revenue from downstream eco-premium solutions to 20 percent of our revenues by 2020

Reduce our carbon emissions through the value chain (excluding Scope 4) by 25 to 30 percent per ton by 2020 (2012 base)

Improve resource efficiency across the full value chain

AkzoNobel’s vision is to have: Leading market positions delivering leading performance. Our ambitions and agenda reflect our view that in order to be a true leader, we must achieve leadership in both financial and non-financial aspects of our business. Given the modest outlook for end-user segment growth, our financial ambitions and strategic agenda are strongly focused on operating income, cash generation and return on capital. This is based on the principle that, even if our revenue growth opportunities are more modest going forward than they were historically, we still need to generate higher returns to be a true leader.

From a non-financial perspective, we will focus on safety, carbon footprint, resource efficiency and eco-premium solutions. Going forward, we will focus more on innovative solutions that lead to higher levels of resource efficiency in our downstream value chain (i.e. with our customers and consumers).

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Vision: Leading market positions delivering leading performance (graphic)
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