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A few historical highlights


Bofors forge founded in Sweden


Lacquer manufacturer Sikkens Lakfabrieken founded in Groningen, the Netherlands


Silk manufacturer Courtaulds founded in Essex, England


Nederlandse Kunstzijdefabriek (Enka) is founded in Arnhem,
the Netherlands


Organon is founded in Oss, the Netherlands, and commences insulin production


ICI is founded via the Aquitania Agreement


Algemeene Kunstzijde Unie (AKU) merges with Koninklijke Zout Organon to form Akzo


KemaNobel merges with the company Bofors to form Nobel Industries


Akzo and Nobel Industries merge to form Akzo Nobel


Akzo Nobel acquires Courtaulds. Best known brand: International


Akzo Nobel's Fibers group is divested and becomes the independent company Acordis


Akzo Nobel sells its human and animal healthcare businesses to Schering-Plough


Akzo Nobel acquires ICI and changes its name to AkzoNobel


Announced the divestment of the North American
Decorative Paints business


Rolling gunpowder at Bofors at the time when Alfred Nobel turned the factory into the most important arms manufacturer in Sweden

Hoarding advertising: the planned construction of the new Sikkens plant in Sassenheim, the Netherlands, shortly before World War II broke out

Samuel Courtauld III (1793 – 1881), the founder of Courtaulds and a titan among Victorian entrepreneurs

ICI was created by the merger of four companies, each with its own distinctive logo. The wavy lines in the Nobel Industries logo were borrowed for the new ICI logo

Packaging insulin


ICI's Dulux Paint entered the retail market in 1953

Akzo's first corporate headquarters in Arnhem, the Netherlands, in the early 1970s

Alfred Nobel (photo: 1885)


International Paint, with its renowned red propeller logo, is the world leader in high performance marine coatings

Launching of the new AkzoNobel. AkzoNobel's new brand was unveiled at a gala event held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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