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Medium-term ambitions and Outlook

Medium-term ambitions

We have the aspiration to be the world’s leading Coatings and Specialty Chemicals company. Our medium-term ambitions are to grow to €20 billion revenue, increase EBITDA each year while maintaining a 13 to 15 percent margin, reduce OWC percent of revenue year-on-year by 0.5 percent towards a 12 percent level, and pay a stable to rising dividend.

The sustainability ambitions are to remain a top three leader in our industry, to be top quartile in our peer group in terms of safety performance, diversity, employee engagement and development, and eco-efficiency improvement rates.


We are aiming for more than 5 percent revenue and EBITDA growth in 2011, in line with our strategic ambitions.

Amsterdam, April 21, 2011
Board of Management

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