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Board of Management's statement

on the condensed half-yearly financial statements
and the interim management report

We have prepared the half-yearly financial report 2010 of AkzoNobel and the undertakings included in the consolidation taken as a whole in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as adopted by the EU and additional Dutch disclosure requirements for half-yearly financial reports.

To the best of our knowledge:

  1. The condensed financial statements in this half-yearly financial report 2010 give a true and fair view of our assets and liabilities, financial position at June 30, 2010, and of the result of our consolidated operations for the first half year of 2010.
  2. The interim management report in this half-yearly financial report includes a fair review of the information required pursuant to section 5:25d, subsections 8 and 9 of the Dutch Act on Financial Supervision.

Amsterdam, July 23, 2010
The Board of Management

Hans Wijers, Chief Executive Officer
Keith Nichols, Chief Financial Officer
Leif Darner, Board member, responsible for Performance Coatings
Rob Frohn, Board member, responsible for Specialty Chemicals
Tex Gunning, Board member, responsible for Decorative Paints

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