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Industrial Coatings

We achieved a strong quarter, with volume up 17 percent compared with 2009. This was mainly due to a significant volume increase in Coil Coatings in Asia and the US. Specialty Plastics Coatings experienced a volume increase, with a volume loss in Asia being offset by growth in the Americas and Europe. In Packaging, Q1 volume was ahead of last year, mainly driven by an exceptional performance in Asia Pacific and Latin America. The Packaging business in Europe was more stable and achieved an increase in volumes. Packaging Coatings in Latin America recently launched Vitalure 740, a new product line consisting of an interior coating and side seam stripe for paint cans. The can liner protects the steel can against corrosion from the paint and extends the “best by” time limit for the paint from two to three years, an increase of 50 percent.

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