Effectiveness of the global HR function

In 2010, we continued our drive to significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our HR function and increase the capability of HR professionals across the company. We are focusing our efforts on harmonizing our policies, programs and initiatives at a country level by creating service organizations to better support the activities of the various businesses operating in ten key countries, representing more than 71 percent of employees. The Netherlands organization was chosen to pilot this new approach and launched their new HR organization in July 2010. Learning is being transferred to other countries. The US and Sweden also continue to make notable progress.

HR IT and data systems

Our drive to consolidate HR data and payroll systems made strong progress in 2010. This initiative, called OneView, is helping us to increase data quality and reduce costs. The OneView data system became fully operational in the second half of 2010. We also reduced the number of payroll systems from 251 to 89 in 76 countries.


In 2010, we continued to restructure our business to meet the needs of our customers and deliver our company strategy. We are committed to supporting our employees during such reorganizations. We do this in compliance with legal requirements and, where applicable, in consultation with employee representative bodies. We strive to ensure clear and ongoing communications, transparent selection processes and, in many cases, support in the transition from work to work, which can include training and out-placement. While restructuring is a business necessity, our responsibility as an employer stretches to those who unfortunately have to leave our company.

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