Sustainability facts and figures

This Sustainability facts and figures section of the 2010 Report is separate from, and does not in any way form part of, the company’s annual financial report (“jaarlikse financiële verslaggeving”) as defined in article 5:25c of the Dutch Financial Markets Supervision Act for 2009. This section contains summarized key performance indicators (KPIs) relating to sustainability performance.

Further information on AkzoNobel’s sustainability strategy, activities and results can be found on our corporate website:

  • Managing our values (thumbnail)

    Managing our values

    Our structure and processes to manage sustainability

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  • Stakeholder activity (thumbnail)

    Stakeholder activity

    Our main stakeholder groups and engagement examples

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  • Sustainability framework (thumbnail)

    Sustainability framework

    The framework maps out the sustainability topics

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  • Invent (thumbnail)


    Integrate sustainable value propositions

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  • Manage (thumbnail)


    Include sustainability in all aspects of the value chain

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  • Improve (thumbnail)


    Continue to comply and ensure our license to operate

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  • Reporting principles (thumbnail)

    Reporting principles

    Our reporting scope, boundaries, processes and assurance

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  • Independent assurance report (thumbnail)

    Independent assurance report

    The opinion of our auditors

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  • Sustainability performance summary (thumbnail)

    Sustainability performance summary

    Data for 2005-2010

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