Sustainability and safety

For many years, we have recognized that becoming the true leader in Coatings and Specialty Chemicals requires us to achieve leadership both in terms of value and values. Increasingly, we are recognizing that these things are not separate, nor are they separable. Achieving our growth aspirations means that we must produce and market products that use less of the Earth’s resources throughout the full value chain.

To achieve these growth aspirations, we must have a strong Talent Factory and diversity and inclusion levels that enable us to have the leadership we need in the high growth markets. Furthermore, top quartile operational effectiveness is based on top quartile performance in terms of cost, quality, service and safety levels, and in most cases, performance on these four metrics is inter-related.

Our current view on how safety and sustainability are embedded in all parts of the strategic agenda is explained below.

Embedding sustainability and safety

Innovate more: Value propositions for a resource constrained world

Accelerate profitable growth: Eco-premium solutions that deliver eco-footprint reduction across the value chain

Serve the needs of the mid-market: Solutions for people demanding both higher living standards and affordability

Drive functional and operational excellence: Safety, operational eco-efficiency, product stewardship, supplier visits

Manage capital and cash: Process safety and sustainable investment evaluation

Build and leverage our industry-leading Talent Factory: Employee engagement, development and training

Create a culture of confidence, cooperation and co-creation: Diversity and inclusion, partnerships, Community Program

How we embed
sustainability and safety
in the strategic agenda

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