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Our new strategic agenda is firmly focused on delivering growth. This will be supported by a renewed emphasis on functional excellence and will continue to be balanced by a disciplined approach to ca
Context Over the last few years, there have been two major phases in AkzoNobel’s corporate strategy. The first, from 2003 to 2007, was strongly focused on portfolio transformation. This phase include
Outgrow our markets: Delivered Improved market share in many key mature and high growth markets Opened our new €275 million Specialty Chemicals site in Ningbo, China In Performance Coatings, acquired
The Board of Management’s statement on the financial statements, the management report and on internal controls We have prepared the 2010 Report of AkzoNobel and the undertakings included in the cons
For AkzoNobel, 2010 was something of a landmark year. We still faced many challenges due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the economic climate. But our financial vigilance and swift response to
For many years, we have recognized that becoming the true leader in Coatings and Specialty Chemicals requires us to achieve leadership both in terms of value and values. Increasingly, we are recogniz
Throughout our integration and restructuring period, we pursued a series of projects to incrementally increase efficiency in our support functions. This has undoubtedly improved our cost position and
It is safe to say that we face a wealth of growth opportunities in all parts of our business using our existing value propositions and business models. This is true in both mature markets and high gr
We continue to believe it is just as important for us to attract, develop and retain great people as it is for us to develop, produce and distribute great products and services. We therefore continue
As indicated earlier, AkzoNobel has historically been successful on the basis of having a strong entrepreneurial, customer-centric approach. However, this has had a downside in terms of creating an i
We are keenly aware that while pursuing a growth agenda we must continue to carefully manage our balance sheet and cash position. This means we must ensure that we: Carefully prioritize and control i
Beyond growth opportunities that draw on our traditional strengths and value propositions, we see a significant additional opportunity in the mid-market. Traditionally, we have entered high growth ma
To achieve our growth ambitions, we need to focus our effors more on projects that yield bigger and better innovations – delivered faster. In 2010, we spent time developing a more focused portfolio o
Doing business inherently involves taking risks, and by taking measured risks we strive to be a sustainable company. Risk management is a key strategic process and an essential element of our corpora
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