AkzoNobel and cutting out carbon

Saying that you’re going to become more sustainable is one thing, but actually embracing the whole concept of being more eco-efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels requires positive action.

One of the most active and successful businesses in AkzoNobel’s concerted drive to lower its environmental footprint is Industrial Chemicals. Already honored externally for its Carbon Policy, it is one of our most energy intensive businesses, but it has also adopted an integrated approach to sustainability and is constantly implementing new and innovative ways of improving its carbon and ecological footprint.

For example, much of the steam Industrial Chemicals uses in its various manufacturing processes comes from waste or renewables, with four plants in Europe now using energy being created from these sources. Initiatives involving wind energy are also being investigated, while the business already operates so-called green barges and runs trucks on bio-diesel, ensuring that its transportation of products is also sustainable and that its efforts stretch across the value chain.

In addition, as part of the overall plan to reduce its carbon footprint, the business is currently engaged in a site modernization program, which will further optimize the drive towards more sustainable manufacturing.

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