Successfully integrate ICI

We are on track to deliver on the promises we made with regard to the ICI synergies, which have become more aggressive in terms of size and timing, as shown in the box below.





What we said in


Where we are



Late 2007

April, 2008

Sept, 2008



Amount of synergies


€280 million

€340 million
(20 percent increase)

€340 million


€300 or ~90 percent of the €340 million target already delivered

Timing of delivery


85 percent delivered by end 2010

85 percent delivered by end 2010

100 percent delivered by end 2010


100 percent delivered by end 2010

Outside of Decorative Paints (for example at the corporate center), virtually all the synergy savings have been delivered. In 2010, the Decorative Paints agenda will begin to evolve from integration to transformation. The integration agenda has been focused on bringing together the two businesses and optimizing the cost base. The transformation agenda has started to concentrate more on building a global business from our strong, but “multi-local” businesses.

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