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“We clearly benefited from being a global business and gained in regions less affected by the economic crisis, particularly parts of Asia and South America.” Overview Despite the challenging operatin
Internal Risk: Implementation of strategic agenda A failure to properly and fully implement our strategic agenda could adversely affect our company and its businesses. Risk corrective actions The app
Customers and regulatory bodies around the world are making increasing demands for products with better environmental profiles. Which is why we try to stay one step ahead when it comes to developing
Major international projects rely heavily on trusted suppliers with world class products and global capability. Which is why Europipe and Mülheim Pipe Coatings turned to AkzoNobel to provide coatings
We’ve been working with The Home Depot in North America – the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer – since 1979. It’s an extremely successful partnership which enables their customers
“Our emphasis on developing more sustainable technologies will put us in a strong position to grow further as the environmental benefits of powder coatings continue to become more attractive to custo
Building a sustainable, successful business is embedded in all aspects of our strategic agenda, because at AkzoNobel, our commitment to sustainability goes substantially beyond managing risks, govern
We refined our core values in 2008. They define who we are and what we aspire to become. The values are: Focusing on our customers’ future first Embracing entrepreneurial thinking Developing the tale
In 2009, we continued to add to our profitable organic growth by investing in selective bolt-on acquisitions. One of these key acquisitions, which is due to be completed in 2010, is described on the
To support these projects, we have introduced the scientific expertise of Expert Capability Groups (ECGs). These teams work with our businesses to help accelerate project delivery and enhance their i
AkzoNobel’s Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) strategy is focused on creating bigger, bolder innovations to drive profitable growth. It’s about ensuring that we pioneer technologies wit
Sustainability and the reduction of our ecological footprint is a key driver for AkzoNobel’s new strategy for Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I), as described in the Strategy section. We
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