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Under the performance share plan, shares will conditionally be granted to the members of the Board of Management. Vesting of these shares is conditional on the achievement of certain performance targ
Stock options were conditionally granted for the last time in 2007. The actual number of options which the Board of Management receives depends on the company’s performance during a three-year vestin
This report describes our remuneration policy and remuneration paid to individual members of the Board of Management in 2009, including amendments proposed by the Supervisory Board for 2010.
The Supervisory Board hereby submits to shareholders the financial statements and the report of the Board of Management of Akzo Nobel N.V. for the financial year 2009, as prepared by the Board of Man
Successfully integrate ICI Deliver profitable growth by leveraging our strong emerging market and technology positions, augmenting growth by bolt-on acquisitions Improve gross profit margins through
Value ambition Progress and Overview 2009 Plans 2010 Outgrow our markets. A measure of growth. Measured by growing faster than the markets we participate in. • A difficult year from a volume perspect
title in 2009 declined by 10 percent to €13,893 million 2009 title before incidentals 8 percent lower at €1,768 million, margin at 12.7 percent (2008: 12.5 percent) title reduced to 13.7 percent of r
Dear stakeholder It’s safe to say that 2009 was a year few of us will easily forget. We experienced the most severe global financial and economic crisis since the crippling Great Depression of the la
We welcome an active dialog with our stakeholders and give their opinions the serious consideration they deserve. With this process in mind, we expect the clarity, consistency, and accuracy of our re
Total compensation to key management personnel amounted to €9.2 (2008: €7.6 million), €5.7 relates to short term employee benefits (2008: €4.9 million), €1.0 million to post-employment benefits (2008
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