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The Supervisory Board has established three committees: the Audit Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee. Each committee has a charter describing its role and responsibilities and the manner in which it discharges its duties and reports to the full Supervisory Board. These charters are included in the Supervisory Board Rules of Procedure, published on our corporate website. The committees report on their deliberations and findings to the full Supervisory Board.

The Audit Committee assists the Supervisory Board in overseeing the quality and integrity of the accounting, auditing, reporting and risk management practices of the company, as well as on a number of other subjects, as included in its charter. The Chairman of the Audit Committee is Mr. Van den Brink.

One area of particular focus in corporate governance is the independence of the auditors. The Audit Committee has been delegated direct responsibility for the compensation and oversight of the auditors and the services they provide to the company. The auditors are prohibited from providing the company with certain non-audit services. In order to anchor this in our procedures, the Supervisory Board adopted the “AkzoNobel Auditors Independence Policy” and the related “AkzoNobel Audit Committee Pre-approval Procedure on Audit, Audit-Related and Non-Audit Services”. All these documents and policies are available on our corporate website.

The Nomination Committee, chaired by Mr. Vuursteen, focuses on drawing up selection criteria and appointment procedures for Supervisory Board and Board of Management members. The committee assesses the size and composition of both Boards, evaluates the functioning of the individual members, makes proposals for appointments and reappointments and supervises the Board of Management on the selection of senior management. When selecting candidates for appointment to the Supervisory Board, account is taken of the need for a balanced representation of knowledge of the markets in which the company operates, as well as the need for insight from different markets and non-operational areas.

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for drafting proposals to the Supervisory Board on the remuneration policy for the Board of Management, for overseeing the remuneration of its individual members, and for the remuneration schemes for AkzoNobel executives involving the company’s shares. The committee also prepares Supervisory Board proposals to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders concerning the remuneration of the members of the Supervisory Board. The Remuneration Committee is chaired by Mr. Burgmans. Baroness Bottomley and Messrs. Vuursteen, Burgmans and Ellwood are all members of both the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee.

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