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Credit rating and bonds

Credit rating and outlook

AkzoNobel is committed to maintaining a strong investment grade rating. Regular review meetings are held between rating agencies and AkzoNobel senior management.

See table for present rating and outlook:




Rating agency

Long-term rating



Rating affirmed on March 16, 2009.


Rating affirmed on August 25, 2009, unchanged since February 25, 2009







Standard & Poor’s2



Bonds successfully issued

As part of our long-term financing strategy, we successfully issued a €750 million and a £250 million bond in March and April 2009 respectively. The proceeds of this transaction allowed AkzoNobel to extend its debt maturity profile. The €750 million bond offers a 7.25 percent coupon, and has a maturity of six years. The £250 million bond offers an 8 percent coupon, and has a maturity of seven years. Both bonds are issued by Akzo Nobel N.V., and are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Furthermore, in November 2009, AkzoNobel tendered €212 million from its 4.25 percent bond due in 2011 and added €225 million to its 7.25 percent bond due in 2015 to lengthen its bond maturity profile.

See the graph for the maturity schedule.

Debt maturity in millions
Debt maturity in millions (bar chart)
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