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Cleaner and greener

Customers and regulatory bodies around the world are making increasing demands for products with better environmental profiles. Which is why we try to stay one step ahead when it comes to developing new technologies for the markets we serve.

A prime example is Berol ENV226, supplied by our Surface Chemistry business. It’s a new generation of readily biodegradable materials which can be used as the key cleaning component in powerful, water-based degreasers/cleaners. It’s commonly used in products such as vehicle cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, façade cleaners and many other industrial cleaning products.

“The new generation of the well-known Berol 226 line has allowed me to continue providing excellent cleaning while meeting the regulations of the European Union and the need for products that are better for the environment,” said K.G. Wangel, Managing Director of distributors AmphoChem.

Based on a special process for surfactants, one of the secrets of the Berol ENV226 system lies in its ability to remain highly effective, even after diluting.

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