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Building on a relationship

Sustainability is not only a top priority for AkzoNobel, it’s also essential to most of our customers. This shared commitment to safeguarding the environment was brought into sharp focus when leading building material producers Knauf wanted to develop hydrophobizing solutions for their gypsum building systems.

Their researchers worked together with our Elotex business and the result was Elotex BNSEAL712, a water repellent in powder form which enables Knauf to extend the technical performance, water resistance and durability of its innovative gypsum building products.

“By combining our own know-how and the technology developed by Elotex, it’s now possible to market complete eco-designs in Europe for wet areas (kitchens, bathrooms, cellars) based on environmentally-friendly and water-resistant building systems,” said Joachim Haas, R&D Head of Department Plasters and Joint Compounds at Knauf.

“It also offers numerous advantages for both professional and seasonal applicators, such as reducing the complexity and cost of applying wall systems.”

Gypsum is an infinitely recyclable and low energy intensive building raw material which is playing an increasingly important role in the reduction of carbon emissions in the construction and building environment.

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