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Performance Coatings market overview

Our Performance Coatings business is represented in most market segments of this industry, holding many leading positions.

Market and business characteristics

The size of the global market for performance coatings is around €40 billion.

General industrial coatings
Metal and plastic coatings for a wide range of applications – from huge industrial equipment to the latest mobile phones and music players, computers, espresso machines and sporting goods.

Protective coatings
Corrosion and fire protection across a range of industries including upstream and downstream oil and gas facilities, chemical and petrochemical installations, high value infrastructure such as airports and stadia and power generation stations.

Vehicle refinishes
Refinishing or recoating of automobile bodies when vehicles are repaired.

Coatings for commercial vehicles (trucks and busses) and automotive plastic components.

Aerospace coatings
Coatings for small and large aircraft. Primers for structural components and coatings for high performance exterior finishes.

Powder coatings
Powder technology involves a coating being applied electrostatically, either in a fluidized bed, or it can be sprayed and then subsequently cured by applying heat, either in an oven or by using infrared or UV light irradiation.

Wood coatings and adhesives
Wood coatings beautify and protect anything made from wood, including home and office furniture, flooring, kitchen and bath cabinetry, windows and doors. Adhesives are the bonding agents for wood composites and laminates used in these applications.

Marine coatings, including yacht
Coatings for marine vessels, including commercial tankers, ferries and leisure craft, have been developed to act as a salt water barrier and to minimize the build-up of organic material.

Coil and extrusion coatings
Coil coatings are applied to coiled steel for HVAC and appliances, and in commercial and residential construction to protect metal roofs and building components. Extrusion coatings give aluminum lasting beauty when used on metal building fascias and window frames and provide protection from the elements.

Packaging coatings
Coatings for packaging which are applied to the internal and external surfaces for food and drink cans, caps and closures and cardboard and plastic packaging.

Key raw materials

  • Resins
  • Coatings additives
  • Solvents
  • Pigments

Price drivers

  • Energy, oil and raw materials

Market leadership positions














Industrial Finishes






























Specialty plastics



















Powder Coatings




















































Marine and Protective



















































Car Refinishes






















Automotive plastic coatings







Commercial vehicle OEM




















Packaging Coatings



Beer and beverage



















Food cans















We serve a large range of customers including ship and yacht builders and architects, consumer electronics and appliance companies, steel manufacturers, the construction industry, furniture makers, aircraft, bus and truck producers, bodyshops and can makers.

Global market drivers

Growing populations and GDP growth

  • Steel production
  • Consumer confidence
  • Infrastructure development
  • Housing market activities.

High growth markets

Projected industry growth is strong, particularly in Asia Pacific. Around 45 percent of our Performance Coatings revenue is in high growth markets.


  • Automobile scratch repair systems
  • Low-bake powder coatings
  • Self-repairing clearcoat
  • Foul release coatings
  • Waterborne coatings technology.
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