Decorative Paints market overview

Our Decorative Paints business supplies a full range of interior and exterior decoration and protection products for both the professional and do-it-yourself (DIY) markets, including paints, lacquers and varnishes, as well as products for surface preparation (pre-deco products).

Market and business characteristics

The size of the global market for decorative paints is around €30 billion.

Architectural coatings
Interior and exterior wall paints and trim paints (lacquers) for consumers and professionals.

Woodcare and specialty products

  • Lacquers and varnishes for wood protection and decoration
  • Specialty coatings for metal, concrete and other critical building materials.

Pre-deco products
Fillers, wall treatments, sealants and putties for consumers and professionals.

Building adhesives

  • Tile and floor adhesives and floor leveling compounds used in the building and renovation industry
  • Supplied for professional workers such as tile, floor and parquet layers, interior decorators and painters
  • Direct to medium-sized enterprises, wholesalers, specialized retailers.

Key raw materials

  • Binders/resins
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Packaging materials

Price drivers

  • Energy, oil and raw material prices
  • Steel prices

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Our end-users can broadly be segmented into homeowners (either DIY or BIY – buy it yourself), professional painters serving homeowners and commercial contractors. They are served through a variety of outlets ranging from big box chains such as The Home Depot, B&Q and Leroy Merlin (serving mainly homeowners) to independent dealers (serving both homeowners and professionals) and company-owned stores focused on serving professionals.

Global market drivers and developments

  • Growing populations and GDP growth
  • Activity of residential and commercial new-build and home sales
  • Global increase in importance of home and interior decoration
  • Rise of middle class in high growth markets
  • Legislative/regulatory pressures on environmental and health issues (VOC, REACH) driving innovation
  • Increasing importance of large scale outlets
  • Growth of importance of women as decision-makers
  • Increasing importance of internet.

Drivers for buying decision


  • Strong brands that attract customers
  • Innovation that drives demand and basket spend
  • Category management capability.

Trade customers

  • Product quality, consistency and innovation
  • Product availability and service
  • Technical and business support
  • Strong brands supporting loyalty.


Making decoration easy – convenience of application

  • Cuprinol Sprayable – sprayable fence treatment
  • Hammerite Metalmaster – unique “wrap-around” metal protection spray coating
  • Dulux PaintPod – automated, easy-to-use wall paint application system.

Support professional painters with tailor-made products and services

  • Sikkens object analysis, design support and marketing programs for painters
  • The Dulux Trade Environmental Wash System and DDC (Dulux Decorator Centres) Paint Can Recycling – professional paint waste management systems
  • Herbol Façade Certification Program
  • Glidden SpeedWall – highly efficient interior wall paint with superior properties for the professional painter.

Eco-premium portfolio
Recent initiatives:

  • Dulux Trade Ecosure – water-based, high performance professional paint
  • Sikkens Rubbol XD – VOC-reduced, ultra durable professional trimpaint
  • The Freshaire Choice – zero-VOC consumer wall paint
  • Dulux Light & Space – highly light reflective, energy-saving wall paint
  • Herbol Symbiotec – nanotechnology based, dirt repellent wall paint.
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