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Management processes

AkzoNobel’s sustainability strategy is integrated into the overall business strategy and processes. From 2009, the combined financial and sustainability KPI dashboard will be monitored quarterly by Board members. We retain a Sustainability Council to monitor the integration process and advise the Board of Management on strategy developments. The Council includes representatives from the Board of Management, business unit Managing Directors and corporate staff. The Corporate Director of Sustainability reports directly to the CEO.

Each business unit Managing Director defines their own non-financial targets and has appointed a Focal Point to support the embedding of sustainability throughout their business. They bring together an appropriate team to develop and implement the sustainability agenda in their own business environment. Focal Points have regular meetings to exchange best practices and identify opportunities for further development.

Key sustainability issues are included in the corporate and business unit planning processes, risk management and compliance processes, the non-financial Letter of Representation and in the corporate audit process. Each element of the value chain has identified focus areas for sustainability, with targets where appropriate. These include personal targets, product development processes, the vendor policy, Health, Safety, Environment and Security performance monitoring and reporting, Code of Conduct training and a global complaints procedure. These are described in more detail in the following pages. In 2008, our systems to manage sustainability were reviewed by an external auditor in order to attain the highest possible level of assurance.

During 2008, the former ICI businesses were integrated into AkzoNobel processes. Details of the reporting arrangements for 2008 are in the Reporting principles section.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and target setting

During 2008, the Board of Management, in consultation with the businesses, developed a corporate dashboard under the headings Value and Values which includes those KPIs used to review overall business performance. Many of these have improvement targets for 2015. Each function has reviewed their key metrics to align with this dashboard.

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