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If there’s one thing that’s going to help AkzoNobel deliver Tomorrow’s Answers Today it’s innovation. But not just innovation focused on small, gradual improvements. We want to achieve bigger and bol
At first glance it would appear that tarmac and beauty creams have little in common. One involves asphalt emulsions and is applied in great quantities to create hard-wearing new roads, while the othe
Whether it’s a supertanker sailing through stormy seas, or an aircraft enduring the extreme temperature fluctuations between ground level and around 15,000 meters, the products used to coat and prote
The ability of our products to beautify, protect, stabilize and transform owes much to materials science . It’s the design and modification of polymers, together with technologies which control the w
With the growing global emphasis on better management of natural resources and a lower ecological footprint in all areas of industry, our focus increasingly is on identifying and managing areas which
Sustainability and the reduction of our ecological footprint has become a key driver and is an integral part of AkzoNobel’s new strategy for research, development and innovation. The sustainability o
It was a very successful year in terms of introducing exciting new paints to the market, with innovation and sustainability being hallmarks of our latest products. The biggest success was in the UK,
In China we launched Dulux Anti-Formaldehyde interior emulsion, which absorbs and decomposes harmful formaldehyde from the air to create a safer home environment for the consumer. The product has not
During 2008, we made solid progress in the development and marketing of sustainable technologies. We launched our Verde range of eco-efficient wood coatings in the US and Canada, while in Europe we i
Over the last five years we have increased expenditure in our technology and innovation, our people, our processes and our facilities. The reward for that has been an improved flow of new product lau
It was another productive year which saw us further improve our customer-driven solutions and introduce a number of exciting innovations with a strong focus on sustainability. For example, we are now
The key focus of our innovation is to lower environmental impact and improve the cost-effectiveness of our customers’ processes. Not only are organic solvent emissions being lowered through our devel
There were two important achievements within paper chemicals. We launched our next generation retention systems and further improved our unique technology specifically for large paper machines. We de
We continued to introduce new products throughout the year, including the Naviance certified organic biopolymer product range for the personal care market. These aesthetic modifiers add a smooth and
Product development Demand for our products resulted in a number of capacity expansions being carried out at locations around the world. Developing innovative new technologies for our customers is a
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