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AkzoNobel on the capital market

AkzoNobel share price
vs AEX Index 2008
AkzoNobel share price in €

AkzoNobel share price vs AEX Index 2008 (bar chart)
  • Proposed dividend of €1.80 per share
  • Attractive dividend yield of 4.2 percent
  • Share buyback totaling €1,437 million in 2008
  • €1 billion bond issued

Share buyback totaling €1,437 million in 2008

In 2008, AkzoNobel bought back 31,746,972 shares totaling €1,437 million at an average price of €45.26 per share, corresponding to 12.1 percent of its share capital. The total number of outstanding shares on December 31, 2008, following the deduction of 31,746,972 shares that were bought back and canceled, was 231,664,187. Based on a year-end share price of €29.44, the market capitalization was €6.8 billion.

Credit rating and outlook

AkzoNobel considers a strong investment grade rating important and wants to maintain its current credit rating. Regular review meetings are held between rating agencies and AkzoNobel senior management.

Bond issued

As part of its long-term financing strategy, AkzoNobel issued a €1 billion bond in December 2008. The proceeds of this transaction allowed AkzoNobel to extend its debt maturity profile. This €1 billion bond issue, which offers a 7.75 percent coupon, has a maturity of five years. The bonds are issued by Akzo Nobel Sweden Finance AB, guaranteed by Akzo Nobel N.V., and they are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

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