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Innovation success

There were two important achievements within paper chemicals. We launched our next generation retention systems and further improved our unique technology specifically for large paper machines. We developed two revolutionary silica sol concepts, one of which helped to create a new world record in China. Our customer runs a fine paper machine – with a paper width of 9.8 meters – which reached the fastest-ever production speed of 1,770 meters per minute.

This was achieved using the new Eka Compozil Fx system, which essentially makes the record-breaking machine speed possible. We have also developed a new silica sol (Eka NP2180) which improves efficiency, especially on large paper machines. This means we are ideally positioned to supply the huge machines which are now being installed.

Customer focus

One of our main strengths is that we understand our customers’ businesses and recognize their problems. We know that most of them have issues with energy consumption, fiber costs and water management. These all fall under the category of sustainability and increasing our focus here is absolutely essential to all our operations. In our research and product development, as well as in cooperation agreements and partnerships with our customers, we concentrate on these key areas. We’re putting huge efforts into helping customers optimize energy use and chemical handling on site, highlighted by our chemical island concept. We strive for better utilization of fiber and more efficient use – and less consumption of – water. We are convinced that sustainability in all operations is necessary to ensure our own success and that of our customers.


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