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Research, Development & Innovation

In 2008, 2.3 percent of revenue was spent on RD&I,
which equals €353 million

If there’s one thing that’s going to help AkzoNobel deliver Tomorrow’s Answers Today it’s innovation. But not just innovation focused on small, gradual improvements. We want to achieve bigger and bolder innovation and deliver it faster – assisted by partners from industry and academia – in order to drive the future growth of our company.

We signaled our intent when, just a month after acquiring ICI at the start of 2008, we merged and started to integrate the R&D organizations of both companies. The rapid formation of a dedicated Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) unit – which includes expert capability groups and knowledge communities – underlines the importance of innovation to the new AkzoNobel.

Innovation-led growth is an integral part of our strategy. The vast majority of our researchers are based in dedicated customer-facing business teams. They perform research, product and process development and technical support in order to translate market and consumer needs into new products. Armed with these capabilities, we can provide the critical functionality that customers are looking for in our products.

But how do we develop this functionality? How do we ensure that our products help to beautify, protect, stabilize or transform?

It’s all about innovation. By harnessing our expertise in science and technology, we can stay one step ahead and gain a competitive advantage in supplying our customers with the innovations both they and the 21st century are demanding. Products that offer increased performance and convenience, that have smarter functionality and improved eco-efficiency. A key driver of this accelerated push for bigger technological breakthroughs is our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint.

So we’re restless in our pursuit of new advances in the fields of complex fluids and colloid science, materials physics, materials synthesis, polymer chemistry, process technology, and analysis and measurement. It’s this passion for discovery, this unquenchable thirst for knowledge that fuels our ambition to provide customers with major innovations. Not only the ones they want now, but also the ones they don’t even realize they need yet.

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