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Case study

Anyone who has tried to apply one layer of paint on top of another before the first coat is dry will know that there’s no point in even trying. Or at least, that used to be the case – until now.

AkzoNobel has developed new powder coatings technology which allows a powder basecoat to be applied directly onto a powder primer before the primer has been baked. So both coats are baked together, effectively removing a complete step from the painting process.

This so-called dry-on-dry system is already being used by a major automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer), offering the customer considerable savings in energy, operational costs and time. It means that for the first time ever, a powder basecoat has been used to paint a regular production passenger vehicle.

The fact that powder clearcoats are also available means that new car bodies can now be coated with complete powder systems, bringing with them all the additional benefits of no VOCs and virtually no waste.

So history has been made, and the first new passenger vehicles to be coated with a powder primer/basecoat dry-on-dry system are already on the road. The challenge for AkzoNobel now is to further penetrate the major market for automotive OEM body coatings with our exciting powder coatings technology.

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