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AkzoNobel Powder Coatings

It was a good year, despite the economic recession and sharp decline in demand. All our businesses improved their margins and we had record earnings in the second and third quarters of 2008, followed by a weaker Q4. We continued to build on the strategic plan introduced in 2005 and through a combination of segment focus, margin management and working capital control we significantly improved most financial parameters. It was a particularly important year in terms of geographical expansion in emerging markets and we introduced a number of major innovations, which emphasized our strong focus on developing sustainable technologies and processes.

Business performance

Our most important performance achievement in 2008 was the improvement of our margins. This was partly due to us successfully moving the balance of our business towards higher margin segments. It was also the result of re-engineering efforts by our laboratories worldwide, creating a better balance between the demands of our customers and selling prices. This gave us improved flexibility and negotiating power with suppliers.

We are well positioned to meet a downturn in the global economy. Our sales are not only spread evenly across a large number of industries, but they are also well balanced across all major geographical regions of the world. Functional Powders (Resicoat) was our fastest growing activity. The dedicated focus of the business’ management team in Reutlingen, Germany – together with excellent products and know-how – produced record growth in sales and income.

Rob Molenaar, Managing Director Powder Coatings (photo)

Rob Molenaar
Managing Director Powder Coatings

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