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Product innovation

The key focus of our innovation is to lower environmental impact and improve the cost-effectiveness of our customers’ processes. Not only are organic solvent emissions being lowered through our development of water-based and UV technologies, but energy use and CO2 emissions are also being reduced with the help of our low-bake eco-premium solutions. In addition we are making an important contribution to our customers’ efforts to produce thinner cans. Making cans thinner obviously puts less strain on demand for virgin metal, but it does mean that interior coatings have to be more flexible. We now supply products which are significantly below ten microns thick. One such product was launched in 2008 – Aqualure 915 – the latest offering in our high performance, waterborne inside liner range for beverage cans. However, innovation can also be very basic. For example, during the year we developed a blue interior coating which makes the beverage look cooler. The can producer was looking for the technology and we provided it.

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