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Clearing the air

Case study

Over the years, AkzoNobel has developed decorative paints with an array of innovative functionalities. These have included pioneering products that produce a textile effect with the feel of suede or leather, coatings with light-enhancing qualities and paint that repels dirt.

Innovation continues unabated, but there’s now added emphasis on eco-efficiency and developing new formulations which are more sustainable, without compromising on performance. This is partly due to legislation, but most of the demand is coming from consumers. There’s also a strong commitment from companies such as AkzoNobel to reduce the environmental impact of their products.

China is one country where eco-friendliness and creating a healthier living environment is becoming increasingly important. This has been underlined by the huge success of the company’s Dulux Anti-Formaldehyde all-in-one paint. As well as having fewer VOCs, it also contains air purification technology capable of cleaning the air of your home and ensuring long-lasting freshness.

Designed for interior use, the breakthrough product contains natural mineral extracts with exceptional absorption properties. When applied to a wall, the mineral extracts in the emulsion absorb and eliminate any traces of harmful formaldehyde which can be given off by the furniture and upholstery found in many homes. Hence the air is cleaner and a healthier living environment has been created.

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